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  • Ken says:

    Our future and environmentally safe progress will be “BlueGas” The long-lasting & very powerful Hydrogen Fuel.
    It is very light, takes seconds to fill up your tank, it can do many many more miles than batteries, fossil fuels, it’s cheap and the emissions are H2O = Water
    I’d be interested to hear any, (SUBSTANTIATED) I have the feeling that I won’t get much proper response!

  • Ken Hudson says:

    Global Power Reduction, Inc. has a proven method for producing hydrogen gas from two safe chemicals, one wet, the other dry, by introducing the dry material into a reaction chamber, then adding the wet material, when on contact with each other, they produce an instant H2 gas without a combustion, therefore evolving a fuel on-site, on-demand. The World needs to know about this. Google Global Power Reduction, Inc., Sanford, Florida, USA.

  • Alasdair I. Macgregor says:

    I am a regular recipient of Hydrogen Fuel News, however, recently there has been increasing attention to H2 internal combustion engines which seems a promising avenue of research. Since the focus appears to be related to automobiles, I wonder what the situation is with regard to aircraft ICE’s.

    I ask simply because I am working with senior British Government engineer advisors to develop a R&D proposal for my Hybrid Airship design based on my new buoyancy invention that reintroduces Hydrogen as the active lifting gas while complimenting Helium and Air as the ballast gas. Without going into the nuts and bolts of what I am doing, there could be another innovation involved with excess H2 leakage being redirected into either a Fuel cell or into a H2 ICE.

    If some pointers to help me understand if this might be in the process of being realised, I would be grateful. I live in London, UK.

  • Per Nystrom says:

    My name is Per Nystrom. I live in Melbourne Australia. I am educated in RE and I have followed the hydrogen space for more than a decade.
    I usually promote that “All countries want green hydrogen” and that there are three reasons for this.
    1. Needed for the grid. There was only ever two serious storage alternatives, pumped hydro and green hydrogen.
    2. The transport sector. Necessary for jetliners. Important to the shipping industry, the land freight industry, truck depots, agriculture, 24 hour machine operated businesses. Will be used to power airports and ports. People will also want green hydrogen for the convenience and sustainability when used in private cars.
    3. Energy security and national security. Only alternative to fossil fuel here.
    So, ALL countries want green hydrogen.

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