First passenger hydrogen fuel cell ferry in the U.S. to become a reality

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ferry - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The green fueled ferry will be built in the San Francisco Bay Area. Called the “Water-Go-Round,” the hydrogen fuel cell ferry will be the first passenger ferry in America to be powered solely by hydrogen fuel cells. With its only byproduct being water, the ferry will produce zero emissions and, if the demonstration project proves successful, it could revolutionize an industry that continues to rely heavily on fossil fuels. The launch has been planned for next year. The company behind the hydrogen fuel cell ferry is the Golden Gate Zero…

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Canadian university to pioneer alternative energy heating system

Alternative energy heating project - University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg will be using biomass to heat its downtown buildings. Starting this fall, the University of Winnipeg, located in Manitoba, Canada, will be switching on an alternative energy heating system that consists of boilers that burn wood pellets. The bioenergy system is also a demonstration project. In the fall of 2017, the university, which is located in downtown Winnipeg, had two 100-kilowatt biomass boilers delivered to its halls for the purpose of providing supplementary heating. The biomass system became operational this spring and as a result, a…

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