Renewable energy industry to grow based on cost alone

Report shows that the clean energy business will experience healthy growth even without supportive policies A new report from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute suggests that the renewable energy industry will continue to grow through the coming years on the basis of cost alone. The report notes that supportive policies have had a beneficial impact on the industry, but the industry would continue to grow even in the absence of these policies. This is due to the rapidly dropping cost of various forms of renewable energy. As these costs continue…

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Ohio home to 25,000 alternative energy jobs

EU Alternative Energy

Alternative energy making significant progress in Ohio Ohio has been a serious supporter of alternative energy and clean technology for some time. Recently, the state began throwing more support behind the use of alternative energy and has begun adopting more aggressive energy efficiency standards. Like other states, Ohio has begun seeing the economic potential of alternative energy. A new report from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute shows that this way of thinking about alternative energy could be having a major impact on the state’s employment rate. Report shows more than…

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