California cap-and-trade program set for second auction

California Cap-and-Trade Alternative Energy

Cap-and-trade continues to prove success in California In early 2012, California introduced an ambitious cap-and-trade initiative that aimed to significantly reduce the greenhouse emissions that the state produces. The initiative was an offshoot of a similar measure that was shaping up from the U.S. government at the time. While the federal measure collapsed, the California cap-and-trade program continued taking form. The California Air Resources Board, which oversees the program, recently held the first carbon credit auction for the program, which set a high standards due to its success and proved…

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Biofuels may get a boost with new discovery

Hydrogen Fuel Research

US researchers find a way to boost production of biofuels As the U.S. begins to focus more heavily on alternative energy, the government has set its sights on biofuels. These clean fuels can be used to replace traditional petroleum in numerous ways. Biofuels have been criticized over the years because of the production process, which can, at times, be inefficient. The Department of Energy has made a significant breakthrough in its research concerning biofuels which may mean a major boost to production and the efficiency of the fuel overall. Galactan…

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