Fate of renewable energy may be in the hands of Arizona voters

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Two ballots may decide the future of clean power Arizona voters may need to determine the fate of renewable energy in the state this fall. Lawmakers are currently preparing new ballot initiatives that intend to increase the state’s clean power targets. Both of the ballots are nearly identical: Both seek to require Arizona to derive 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The issue, however, is that the ballots impose very little penalties on utilities that do not reach a certain mark with clean power. Ballots are identical…

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Arizona to reduce incentives for solar panels installed in residences and businesses

Arizona Solar Energy

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), a state-run organization responsible for finalizing utility rate adjustments, expects to reduce the incentives granted to companies looking to adopt solar energy. The move comes as utility rates for homes and businesses with solar panels installed reach their estimated target. Arizona law provides incentives to those installing their own solar panels in an attempt to have solar energy account for 15% of the state’s energy by 2025. The ACC claims that because the target is being met, the incentives offered by the state should be…

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