One of the first offshore wind farms in the US to begin providing electricity to Block Island

Offshore Wind Farms - Wind Turbines on water off coast

New offshore project will be providing much needed energy to Block Island The first offshore wind farm in the United States is set to begin producing electricity for Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. The electricity will be distributed by the Block Island Power Company, which has been looking to distance itself from fossil-fuels for some time. The company has been importing nearly 1 million gallons of diesel fuel every year for decades. This has become an expensive endeavor, and Block Island is prone to frequent energy shortages…

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The past year has been a major success for offshore wind energy

Offshore Wind Energy

Energy Information Agency reports that the offshore wind energy market is poised for further expansion The Energy Information Agency has released a new report highlighting the strong growth that the clean energy sector saw in the United States in 2016. Notably, offshore wind energy has experienced a magnificent year of growth and support, particularly along the East Coast, where offshore projects have established a significant presence. The United States is home to a great deal of offshore wind potential, but the country only began seeking to tap into its offshore…

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First offshore wind energy system in the US begins producing electricity

The Block Island Wind Farm has begun generating electrical power The United States’ first offshore wind energy system has begun operation. Located off the coast of Block Island, the wind farm features five turbines that stand 589 feet tall. Called the Block Island Wind Farm, the new offshore wind energy system began operation earlier this week. The energy system is expected to be in full operation later this month, generating enough electricity to power 17,000 homes, effectively meeting the energy needs of approximately 4% of households in Rhode Island. Offshore…

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