Federal court puts an end to large-scale wind energy project in Oregon

Wind Energy - Wind Farm Wind Turbines

Court rules to end development on large wind energy project A federal court has chosen to end a large-scale wind energy project that was taking form in southeast Oregon. The project was put to rest over concerns of its environmental impact. The U.S. District Court in Portland ended the project because of the threat it posed to the sage grouse population, which has been in decline for some time. The project was initially approved by the federal Bureau of Land Management, but development will not be allowed to proceed further…

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Wyoming to be home to massive wind energy project

Federal agency notes that wind project has reached a major milestone The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has announced that the largest proposed wind energy system in the country has reached a major milestone. The project is set to take form in Wyoming and is expected to create as much as 1,000 jobs at the peak of its construction. Once operational, the wind project is expected to generate as much as 3,000 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power approximately 1 million average homes. Project to have 1,000 wind…

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Obama seeks funding to support renewable energy projects

Funding for federal agency expected to help promote the development of clean energy initiatives President Barack Obama has requested funding for the Bureau of Land Management for the 2015 fiscal year. This would allow the agency to better manage the land that is under its jurisdiction while also making it easier for this land to be made available for renewable energy projects. The funding is meant to be an investment in clean energy while also addressing some issues concerning the logistics associated with clean energy projects and wildlife preservation. President…

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California Solar Zone proposal may boost state’s solar energy portfolio

California Solar Energy Solar Zone

Federal agency seeks approval for California Solar Zone California may be home to a new “solar zone”, if a proposal from the Bureau of Land Management is approved. The California Solar Zone would be home to many of the solar energy projects that would take root in the state in the future. The land chosen by the Bureau of Land Management is considered ideal for solar energy projects because of its constant exposure to sunlight and solar radiation. The agency has released its latest edition of its proposal this week.…

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Federal government opens new energy zones for solar initiative

Solar landfill - image of solar far

Last month, the Obama administration unveiled a new plan to expand the use of solar power in the Western U.S. The federal government has introduced 17 new solar energy zones in six states where utility-scale solar projects can take root. These projects, when completed, will provide energy to homes and businesses. The plan will be implemented by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and will span deserts in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. The plan is part of an overarching initiative from the federal government to modernize…

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