Connecticut hydrogen fuel cell developers are flocking to Germany for Hannover Messe event

Connecticut developers will be traveling to Germany to attend world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology Connecticut is home to many prominent hydrogen fuel cell developers and some of these companies are heading to Germany for the Hannover Messe event to showcase their technology. Hannover Messe is one of the world’s leading industrial technology trade fairs. Over the years, the event has showcased innovative technology in a variety of industries, especially where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. Thanks to the event, fuel cells have managed to attract strong support and…

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How Germany’s renewable energy initiative can help Europe’s financial woes

Germany Hydrogen Fuel funding

Europe is currently facing one of the most daunting financial crises in recent history. Many of the nations in the European Union are facing massive deficits which threaten their integrity and could have a far-reaching impact on the global economy. The crisis has put focus on the region’s energy infrastructure, especially when it comes to sustainability. Alternative energy has been targeted by the EU as a viable way to help the region recover from financial calamity. Germany has taken a bold step in championing the use of alternative energy, and…

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Germany poised to lead the world in renewable energy

Gemany Hydrogen Fuel Cell Production

In light of the continuing nuclear crisis in Japan, Germany has opted out of nuclear power in favor of renewable alternatives. The country has long been situated at the cusp of breakthrough in the field and has become the world’s largest testing ground for renewable technologies. Officials announced their goal to be nuclear-free early this month, aiming to phase out the technology no later than 2020. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants the nation to become a leader in the field, especially in its use of hydrogen technology. Merkel has outlined a…

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