China to increase clean energy in 2016 to further reduce its reliance on coal

Solar and wind energy capacity to increase by 21 percent this year. Last week, the National Energy Administration (NEA) issued a statement that outlined its clean energy targets for 2016. Among the goals included over 20 GW (gigawatts) of wind energy and a minimum of 15 GW of solar energy additions. The country is the world’s largest investor in clean power and is continually working toward its goals of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing its dependence on coal. China’s goal is to achieve 20 percent of its energy from…

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China sets sights on electric vehicles to combat air pollution

Electric Vehicles Beijing

Electric vehicles could solve the problem of air pollution China has long had a problem with air pollution. Though some controversy has arisen over the Central Government censoring environmental data, suggesting that some of this data falls in the category of “state secrets,” it is no secret that the government has been fighting air pollution for some time. When China hosted the 2008 Olympic Games, the Central Government fully embraced the fact that the country has a problem with air pollution and worked to make Beijing, the city where the…

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