Clean power is facing a major curtailment problem in China

Clean power - Shanghai China Smog

Renewable energy is going to waste due to infrastructure issues China, the world’s largest energy market, is facing a major challenge when it comes to holding on to its clean power generation. Much of the country’s renewable energy supply is currently subject to double-digit rates of curtailment. This curtailment has been going on for quite some time, leaving many of China’s clean power systems seeing little use. It has also highlighted longstanding problems with the country’s aging energy infrastructure. Clean power is struggling in the northern provinces Curtailment is affecting…

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China attacks air pollution with renewable energy

Air pollution draws criticism to China China has been receiving a great deal of attention in recent months due to its ongoing struggle with air pollution. Smog in the country’s largest cities has become so bad that it is all but impossible for residents to see even a few feet in front of themselves while outside. Social networking sites like Reddit have become populated with pictures from tourists and Chinese residents alike depicting the conditions on cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The issue is becoming so problematic that China is…

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