Honda to launch more clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Honda Logo

Honda is preparing to release more clean vehicles in order to embrace environmentally friendly transportation Japanese automaker Honda is set to expand its offering of environmentally friendly cars in the near future. The company already offers a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell in California, but intends to expand upon the use of fuel cells. Honda’s new clean vehicles will be part of its Clarity line, which has already generated a modest level of popularity among those interested in clean transportation. Some of these vehicles may have limited availability,…

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Honda will be moving beyond hydrogen fuel cells with its Clarity line

Automaker is bringing more vehicles to the Clarity line that will be environmentally friendly Japanese automaker Honda has plans to expand beyond hydrogen fuel cells with its Clarity line of vehicles. The company has plans to launch its next generation Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle later this year, but will also be introducing a new electric vehicles and hybrid Clarity model in 2017. The all-electric version of this vehicle is expected to make its first appearance in the commercial market next year, though it will likely have a limited release. Hydrogen…

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