Researchers develop new system to use solar power to produce clean fuels

Solar Power Clean Fuel - Sun Reflecting on water

New system leverages the power of the sun to produce sustainable fuels Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new system that can generate fuel using solar power. The new system represents reaching another milestone in efforts to use renewable energy to produce sustainable fuels. Researchers based their efforts on several previews endeavors, many of which involved mimicking photosynthesis in order to turn sunlight into electrical power. This electricity is then used to trigger chemical reactions. System can convert fuel precursors into ethanol and ethylene In the…

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Air Fuel Synthesis creates new clean fuel for vehicles

Clean Transportation

Air Fuel Synthesis uses hydrogen to produce new kind of clean fuel Hydrogen is currently the most popular clean fuel that is expected to revolutionize the future of transportation, but it may soon be nothing more than a step in a larger equation that produces another clean fuel. Late last week, a small British company called Air Fuel Synthesis suggested it was possible to produce vehicle fuel from air, using hydrogen as a component in the process. Such an accomplishment could have profound implications for the environment, most notably removing large…

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PEM fuel cell used to produce renewable liquid fuel

fuel cell catalyst - fuel cell research

PEM fuel cell unlocks new process of fuel production A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in the U.S., as well as from the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, have developed a new way to produce renewable liquid fuels. The process utilizes electricity generated from a PEM fuel cell, making the process clean and sustainable. The team has been experimenting with the process extensively and believe that it is commercially viable and an effective way to produce fuel for…

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