Europeans believe they are feeling the impact of climate change already

Climate Change Being Felt by Europe

Survey highlights major concerns regarding climate change Climate change is already having a major impact in Europe, according to a new survey from Cardiff University. The university is heading a new project, called European Perceptions of Climate Change. The survey draws upon the perception of citizens in four major European countries. Many Europeans have expressed concern over the impact of climate change, primarily when it comes to severe flooding and strong storms. The survey is meant to shed light on how this phenomenon is affecting the lives of people in…

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Shell to increase renewable energy investments to $1 billion a year

Renewable Energy - Shell Gas Pump

Shell is beginning to move away from oil as public faith in fossil-fuels vanishes Royal Dutch Shell has plans to increase its renewable energy spending to $1 billion annually. Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell, notes that the faith in the oil industry is disappearing. This is putting greater pressure on the company to move away from its traditional focus on oil and begin showing more support for clean power. Notably, Shell has also expressed support for countries to impose rules to place prices on carbon emissions. According to Shell,…

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US could soon pull out of the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Eiffel Tower

Trump Administration may be preparing to distance itself from the Paris Agreement The United States may soon pull out of the Paris Agreement, which it was ratified late last year. The Paris Agreement was originally drafted in 2015 and went into effect on November 4, 2016. The initiative has brought many countries together in an effort to reduce emissions production and embrace renewable energy. President Donald Trump has been an opponent of the Paris Agreement and he is expected to pull away from the endeavor in the near future. Trump…

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European Investment Bank upholds commitment to fight climate change

Funds to Help Fight Climate Change

Bank announces plans to continue efforts to fund the fight against climate change The European Investment Bank has announced that it will uphold its $20 billion a year investment target in its continued effort to fund the fight against climate change. The bank intends to invest these funds ever year over the next five years. Werner Hoyer, president of the European Investment Bank, suggests that Europe must lead the world against those that would deny the existence and potentially devastating impact of climate change. Hoyer has also called upon the…

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Majority of Americans want to see more support for renewable energy

Renewable Energy Support

Recent survey shows that many people support clean power A major shift in energy and climate policy may be coming to the United States now that Donald Trump has officially taken presidential office. Trump has vowed to reduce regulations on the coal and oil industries in order to promote economic growth. The Trump Administration is also expected to reduce support for various forms of renewable energy, but many of those living in the United States want the government to continue investing in clean power for the sake of the environment…

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Obama Administration commits more funding to the Green Climate Fund in order to fight climate change

Climate Change - Funding for Green Energy

Program will receive more funding to aid in the fight against climate change With its time coming to an end, the Obama Administration has taken steps to increase the federal government’s investments in the Green Climate Fund. The fund is meant to provide financial aid to developing countries in order to assist them in their fight against climate change. Initially, the federal government had committed $500 million to the Green Climate Fund. Now, however, the Obama Administration has announced that it has doubled this investment, bringing its level of financial…

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Renewable energy is quickly becoming less expensive than fossil-fuels

Renewable Energy - Solar and Wind Farm

World Economic Forum shows that solar and wind are quickly reaching a price parity with fossil-fuels Renewable energy has made major strides this year. Throughout the world, more countries have committed to supporting clean power projects, with some of the world’s leading superpowers choosing to work together in order to curb emissions production and build new renewable energy systems. Over the past year, both wind and solar power have become much less expensive than they were in the past. Now, according to the World Economic Forum, 2016 has become the…

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Arctic warming highlights the growing impact of climate change

Climate change may be driving higher temperatures in the Arctic Unprecedented warming in the Artic has caused the region to begin to unravel, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The report has been co-authored by more than 50 scientists throughout the world, with data showing that the Arctic is warming at double the rate at which the rest of the world is warming. This could present profound challenges in the future, but how to avoid these challenges, or if they can even be…

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Methane emissions are growing, which may be accelerating climate change

Report shows that methane emissions are growing very quickly Rising carbon dioxide emissions are often cited as a major contributor to climate change, but methane may actually be much more problematic for the environment. Scientists from Stanford University have released a new report, which highlights the growth in methane emissions and the potential effect this can have on climate change. The report notes that methane emissions hit new heights in 2014 and 2015. Moreover, methane emissions have been growing since 2007 and researchers are not entirely sure why this is…

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Trump appoints new head of the EPA, a denier of climate change

Scott Pruitt tapped to lead the EPA for the Trump Administration Difficult days may be ahead for energy policy and environmental efforts in the United States. President-elect Donald Trump has been working to fill out his administration, appointing several people to positions of power that could dictate the course of existing programs in the future. Trump has selected Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to be the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The decision has sparked significant controversy, particularly among environmentalist groups, as Pruitt has been a longstanding…

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US joins ambitious climate change agreement

President Obama agrees to climate change agreement alongside China Over the weekend, President Barack Obama officially included the United States into the Paris climate change agreement. This brings the agreement another step closer to taking effect throughout the world. President Obama agreed to the pact alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to China. The two countries signed documents committing them to the climate change agreement, with these documents then being turned over to the United Nations. US and China will work to reduce emissions in the coming years…

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Army and GM team to improve hydrogen fuel cells

The US Army and GM will be working together to demonstrate and improve fuel cell vehicles General Motors and the United States Army have confirmed that they will be working together on a fuel cell vehicle project. The partners are set to showcase a version of the Chevrolet Colorado that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell in October of this year. GM is working alongside the Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC). Together, the two organization aims to showcase the capabilities of new fuel cell technology,…

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Researchers discover a new hydrogen fuel production method by recycling greenhouse gases

Chemists identify formic acid as a carrier of hydrogen fuel Chemists from the University of Southern California (USC) have developed a new way to produce hydrogen fuel. The method involves capturing greenhouse gases and using these gases to generate hydrogen without further creating any harmful emissions. Finding ways to produce hydrogen using greenhouse gases has long been an important concept among researchers interested in renewable energy. The new method could have major implications for future implementation of hydrogen fuel cells and how they are used in various sectors as energy…

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Daimler set to embrace clean transportation more aggressively

Automaker announces plans to develop more clean vehicles in the coming years Automaker Daimler has revealed plans to transition toward clean transportation in the coming years. The company is growing more interested in clean vehicles. This is partly due to the economic promise that these vehicles represent. The German automaker intends to invest heavily in the development of new technology to power a series of vehicles that will produce no or very few emissions. Many of these vehicles are expected to be equipped with efficient battery systems. Company to invest…

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Developing countries are embracing solar power

Solar is becoming more affordable, making it ideal for developing countries The cost of solar energy is falling, making this form of clean power more attractive to those living in developing countries. Several developing countries have begun to embrace solar energy in order to save money on the energy they consume and reduce their reliance on foreign sources of power. In fact, developing countries accounted for more new solar installations than developed countries last year, making the developing world a more attractive market for solar developers. Solar market likely to…

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Exxon Mobil shows more support for the growing fuel cell industry

FuelCell Energy and Exxon Mobil deepen their partnership FuelCell Energy, a prominent developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced a partnership with Exxon Mobil, which may result in significant progress in the fuel cell industry and the fight against climate change. Exxon Mobil had already been working with FuelCell Energy in the past, but hopes a greater partnership will result in bringing new technology to the market. While success in this endeavor may be years away, but both Exxon Mobil and FuelCell Energy believe that the technology they develop will…

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