Australian companies adopting solar energy in droves

Australia solar energy news

Solar energy could be t he key to financial stability More Australian businesses are making the switch to solar energy in an effort to save money. Energy prices are going up in the country due to the rising tensions, political and otherwise, surrounding fossil-fuels. As it becomes more problematic for oil to find its way to Australia, the cost of the commodity increases. This is beginning to put excessive strain on businesses that could receive the energy they need through renewable sources. Provincial governments throwing more support behind solar energy…

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Clean energy drives down the cost of electricity in South Australia

South Australia Clean Energy

Clean energy influencing Australian energy market The field of utility energy is beginning to change drastically. As more countries adopt clean energy, the impact this practice is having on the cost of electricity is beginning to be seen around the world. German citizens recently saw the price of energy drop due to the country’s use of wind and solar power. This has also been the case in Texas in the U.S., as well as elsewhere. Now, Australia is seeing the impact that clean energy is having on the price of…

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California’s Pacific Gas & Electric proposes new rates for electricity used with vehicles

Electric Vehicles charging station

PG&E submits new rate proposal to the Public Utilities Commission The Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) company has submitted a proposal to California’s Public Utilities Commission this week, looking to revamp the prices of electricity that is used for vehicles. Many consumers have asked, how much does it cost to charge an electric car, when considering this type of vehicle.  To address these concerns the company is proposing to make the cost of electricity for vehicles comparable to $1 for a gallon of gasoline. The idea is to make electric…

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Alternative energy drive major drop in electricity prices

Geothermal energy leads to savings

Proving a win, win for alternative power. Alternative energy is often considered an issue of the environment and sustainability. As such, it is often surrounded by controversy because it is regularly connected to climate change. Though this controversy has proven to be a hindrance to the progress of alternative energy, many countries have shown tenacity in incorporating renewable fuels into their energy plans. As alternative energy grows in popularity throughout the world, many are beginning to see it as an economic issue because of its ability to significantly cut energy…

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