Cost of solar energy continues to fall worldwide

Cost of Solar Energy Falling Worldwid - Down arrow

Solar power is now less expensive to produce than coal The cost of solar energy is falling at rapid pace, according to a new report from Lazard. The report shows that the solar production is now less expensive than coal and this trend is expected to continue well into the future. Notably, the electricity being generated from utility-scale solar plants has seen the most significant price drop: An 86% decrease since 2009. The report from Lazard shows that it costs approximately $50 to produce 1 megawatt-hour of electricity from a…

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SolarCity teams with Tesla Motors to develop new residential energy system

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Partnership aims to make solar energy more affordable SolarCity, a leading developer of solar energy systems used for homes and businesses, has announced a partnership with Tesla Motors, makers of electric vehicles. The partnership will be focused on combining solar panels with home batteries in an effort to make solar energy more alluring to consumers. The coalition is spurred by the rapidly dropping price of solar panel manufacture and batteries. The two companies believe that this trend can be used to make alternative energy a viable option for home energy.…

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SunRun reports that majority of Americans overestimate the cost of solar energy

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Cost an imaginary deterrent, according to SunRun A new report from SunRun, a leading solar energy company in the U.S., suggests that most Americans may not have a sound understanding of the cost of solar energy installations. As with other forms of alternative energy, cost has been a major roadblock in the advancement of solar energy. Many consumers in the U.S. have criticized solar energy as being too expensive to adopt. SunRun, however, suggests that these consumers are overestimating the cost of residential solar installations, and notes that solar energy…

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Solar power growing rapidly in Japan thanks to feed-in tariffs

Japan Solar Energy

Japan’s solar energy growth Solar energy is gaining momentum around the world, especially in Japan, where the solar market is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Japan has long been interested in alternative energy because of its economic and environmental implications. The country is home to one of the most ambitious and powerful hydrogen energy systems, the ENE-FARM, and has been using geothermal energy for decades. Solar power is not new to the Land of the Rising Sun, but it has been growing in popularity over the past year. The…

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California’s Clean LA plan wins approval from Los Angeles City Council

Los Angeles Renewable Energy

Los Angeles Alternative Energy Project The Los Angeles City Council has granted approval for a pilot program called Clean LA. The program is designed to as a feed-in tariff to promote solar power. The program is the latest addition to California’s burgeoning alternative energy portfolio. The state has long been known for its advocacy of alternative energy and environmentalism and has recently been working to expand its use of clean fuels like solar power and hydrogen. Los Angeles officials believe that the new pilot project will be a major success…

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Americans could be getting solar energy more affordably if they can break away from utilities, according to report

Solar Energy Could Double

The German government is currently restructuring its funding of alternative energy projects, making radical changes that could make it more difficult for new projects to take root in the country. While some are declaring these changes to be the death of the nation’s solar energy market, it could have significant implications for the American solar market. As Germany makes cuts to its solar power subsidies, more attention is being drawn to the cost of energy. A new report from the Institute of Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), an organization working to promote…

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Congress fails to act on 1603 Treasury Grant, could set back the alternative energy industry

US Alternative Energy

Last week, Congress failed to renew the 1603 Treasury Grant program. In essence, the grant helped to fund commercial and utility solar energy projects. This was separate from an investment tax credit given by the federal government. Solar energy developers were able to receive both the tax credit and the grant. Together, these financial benefits accounted for 60% of the gross cost of any solar energy project currently under development. The loss of the grant could set the solar energy industry back somewhat, but it will not be the only…

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Solar energy startup creates hydrogen ion canon to make inexpensive solar energy cells

solar energy

Twin Creeks Technology, a solar energy startup that has largely remained in obscurity, has announced the development of a new method for creating photovoltaic solar cells. The company claims that this new method can create solar cells at half the cost of conventional methods. Twin Creeks notes that this new production method does not use traditional particle accelerators to infuse solar cells with their solar harvesting properties. The company designed an entirely new particle accelerator that it claims is much more effective. The vast majority of solar panels are made…

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Germany’s use of solar energy has lowered the cost of power in the country by 40%

A new study from the Fraunhofer Institute, a research firm based in Munich, Germany, shows how effectively Germany has been able to keep energy prices low through the use of alternative energy. Germany is currently one of the world leading authorities in sustainability. The nation has various alternative energy projects from which it is drawing power. These projects include hydrogen and wind power, but the country’s use of solar energy has lead it to the position it is in today. According to the institute’s report, the country’s use of solar…

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Researchers build world’s most efficient solar cell with the help of quantum dots

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the U.S. have successfully created a quantum dot solar cell. The solar cell has the highest energized particle percentage output of any other solar energy device and could be used to expand the use of solar energy exponentially. According to researchers, the solar cell has an efficiency of 114%, which makes it the most efficient solar cell on the planet. With this new development, a new day may be dawning for the alternative energy industry. Solar power is gaining momentum in…

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