Celebrities show support for hydrogen fuel cells in transpiration

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson take a fuel cell vehicle through Death Valley Hydrogen-powered vehicles are gaining more attention in the U.S. and the hype being built behind clean transportation is being aided by celebrities. The Toyota Prius and the Honda FCX Clarity have found support, and a higher degree of attention from consumers, as celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Lee Curtis promote them. The Mercedes B-Class F-Cell vehicle has also won the approval of two celebrities. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have voiced their support for the vehicle…

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Lexus spotted testing hydrogen-powered vehicle

Lexus hydrogen powered car

Lexus testing new vehicle in Death Valley, California Lexus has been testing its new hydrogen-powered vehicle in Death Valley, California, recently. The vehicle has been spotted over the weekend receiving fuel from a large truck containing hydrogen. The automaker has been somewhat secretive concerning its development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle, but has confirmed that such a vehicle exists and is being officially put through its paces in California. The vehicle does not yet have an official name, but is being considered by outsiders as a potential rebirth of the Lexus…

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