Celebrities show support for hydrogen fuel cells in transpiration

February 6, 2014 0 By Angie Bergenson

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson take a fuel cell vehicle through Death Valley

Joshua Jackson - Hydrogen Fuel NewsHydrogen-powered vehicles are gaining more attention in the U.S. and the hype being built behind clean transportation is being aided by celebrities. The Toyota Prius and the Honda FCX Clarity have found support, and a higher degree of attention from consumers, as celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Lee Curtis promote them. The Mercedes B-Class F-Cell vehicle has also won the approval of two celebrities. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have voiced their support for the vehicle and have taken it for a test drive through California’s Death Valley.

Mercedes continues to benefit from the hype of its hydrogen-powered world tour

The B-Class F-Cell has proven that it is capable of handling rough terrain. The vehicle undertook a world tour some years ago and was able to show that it can trek through some of the harshest environments in the world without encountering any significant problems. This world tour brought a great deal of attention to Mercedes’ hydrogen-powered vehicle. The world tour successfully brought fuel cell vehicles into the limelight, but there are still opportunities to show off the performance of these vehicles.

Celebrities able to sustain themselves off water produced by hydrogen-powered vehicle

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson took one of Mercedes’ hydrogen-powered vehicles into Death Valley on a two-day adventure. They brought no water, deciding to rely on the vehicles only emission: Water vapor. The vehicle was equipped with a tank that would capture this water vapor, serving as a water supply for the duration of the expedition. Over the two-day journey, the vehicle consumed approximately 21 liters of hydrogen fuel and produced enough water to keep both Kruger and Jackson satisfied.

Tests aim to show off the viability of fuel cell vehicles

This test is somewhat different that those that hydrogen-powered vehicles are subjected to. Typically, the performance capabilities of these vehicles are explored through road tests that are meant to dispel some of the negative stigma that has come to surround fuel cells. Hydrogen-powered vehicles can be used for more than just transportation, however. Recent tests in Japan with one of Toyota’s hydrogen-powered vehicles have shown that these vehicles can also be used as an emergency power source in the event of a power outage.

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