Alternative fuel source could come from bacteria

E.coli Bacteria could one day be a renewable energy source. The quest for alternative fuel sources to fossil fuels that are cleaner, more environmentally friendly and are renewable, has been one that researchers have been embarking on for years, and now a team of Finnish and British researchers have discovered a way to modify E.coli bacteria and potentially transform it into propane. Propane is a cleaner fuel source to fossil fuels. The modification method the team of researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Turku in Finland have…

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Using e-coli, researchers are able to generate ethanol from seaweed


Researchers from the Bio Architecture Lab and the University of Washington have discovered a new way to generate biofuel from seaweed. As the issue of alternative energy gains more attention, scientists are looking for ways to generate electricity sustainably. Biofuel is gaining more attention from the science community especially that generated from seaweed. Scientists have targeted seaweed because it draws nutrients from water and requires no fertilizers or pesticides. Scientists have genetically modified a strain of e-coli bacteria, enabling it to consume the sugars found in seaweed and produce ethanol.…

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