2013 Good Year For Electric Vehicle Sales

Anyone who thought the future would look like an episode of the Jetson’s will be glad to know that 2013 was great in terms of electric vehicle sales. According to an article by Scientific American, more than 90,000 fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids were purchased over the course of the year. Those sales are almost double from those of 2012. Factors that seemed to have affected sales include the bankruptcy filings of American electric vehicle start-ups Coda Automotive and Fisker Automotive, the latter of which received a loan from…

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Is it really time to switch off the subsidy tap for the electric vehicle market?

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  As the US government looks at ways in which to reduce the federal budget a number of experts have stepped forward to suggest that the electric vehicle tax credit, which could cost taxpayers around $7.5 billion over the next few years, should be reviewed. We’ve also seen the UK government refusing to give medium-term confirmation of its plans for the current financial incentives to acquire electric vehicles and some other governments around the world seem keen to reduce their spending in this area. When economies were flying high, tax…

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Electric vehicles to be more affordable in the future as oil prices soar

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A report from LowCVP, an advisory group that promotes alternative energy for transportation, suggests that the cost of electric vehicles will fall drastically over the next few years. Cost has been a major barrier keeping hydrogen fuel from commercial incorporation. Fuel cells are expensive, as are the storage tanks needed to contain hydrogen gas. The expense of fuel cell systems is likely to make hydrogen-powered vehicles unaffordable to the average consumer, despite efforts from automakers to make their vehicles less expensive. However, as more vehicles become available, the overall price…

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