A tire pressure gauge can help improve fuel economy of hybrid cars

There is more than one way for hybrid vehicle owners to get the best fuel economy. Car makers and government regulators can promise consumers that driving hybrid cars will help improve their fuel economy, but the reality is that if hybrid vehicle drivers want to get as many miles per gallon of fuel as they can out of their electric motor and gas engine vehicle, keep more money in their pocket, and be friendlier to the environment, it is primarily up to them to be more conscious of their driving…

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Sitting in the Lap of Two Luxurious Electric Vehicles

Renewable Energy - Energy Cost

Stylish Electric Vehicles… You can say good-bye to the excuses of battery failure, lack of plug-in charging stations and the raised brows eyeing the odd egg-shape of tiny eco-mobiles. Innovations, evolutions and revelations have turned the sustainable energy world into a thriving force. We are teaming up and putting nature to the test. The wind, sun, water and earth have been hinting for years that they can handle it, and we are finally listening. Automobile companies are taking EVs to new levels. Just a decade ago, we were in awe…

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