New EPA rules focus on emissions reduction for power plants

EPA institutes new rules targeting the country’s power plants Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to tackle carbon emissions produced by the country’s power plants. The vast majority of the country’s electrical power is currently produced by power plants burning fossil-fuels. These facilities are responsible for a significant amount of emissions and the federal agency is keen to place a limit on the emissions that these power plants produce on a yearly basis. The EPA believes that more stringent regulation of these emissions will help the U.S.…

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California may serve as an example that others will follow

Hydrogen Fuel Cars - California

Emissions standards could lead other states to follow suit Tradition can be a strong force in the world of politics. California has long been a leader in terms of environmentally friendly legislation. The actions of the country are, traditionally, mimicked by ten other states and this has been the case for several years. California is on the verge of finalizing a law that would require automakers to release a minimum number of zero emission vehicles in the state. This measure is expected to be approved within the coming months, making…

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