Coca-Cola saves energy with green building technology

The Coca-Cola headquarters in Brussels improved its energy efficiency with Umisol window film. Coca-Cola has improved its energy efficient practices by installing a green building technology known as Umisol window film, an infrared blocking filter that offer effective energy efficient thermal insulation throughout the winter and solar control properties during the summer, which helps to improve indoor comfort and saves energy. Umisol window film improves the energy performance of existing buildings. The windows in the Coca-Cola HQ in Brussels were not replaced. Instead, they were double glazed with the film.…

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Renewable energy making strong progress in the EU

Europe - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

EU gains momentum in its renewable energy goals The European Union has ambitious goals when it comes to emissions reduction and the use of renewable energy. The governing body considers climate change to be a serious danger to civilization and has been working to address several other issues concerning energy security and availability, as well as address the health concerns linked to harmful emissions produced through the use of fossil-fuels. The European Union had expected to meet its ambitious, yet modest goals by 2020, but new statistics from Eurostat, a…

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Energy efficiency law in France may serve as a powerful example for the rest of Europe

Energy Efficiency Law France

France takes a bold, yet simple step on energy efficiency A new law was recently passed in France that could serve as a powerful example of the benefits of energy efficiency to other European countries. The law has a relatively simple focus: Non-residential lighting throughout the country. According to the law, beginning July 1, businesses and offices will be required to turn off their lights no more than one hour after the last employee has left the building. This simple provision is expected to have significant implications for the country’s…

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