Energy efficiency in the UK gains more financial support

UK Energy Efficiency

Green Deal energy efficiency program gains momentum Energy efficiency is becoming a big deal for many developed countries interested in reducing emissions and breaking ties with fossil-fuels. In the United Kingdom, the so called Green Deal energy efficiency program has been gaining momentum. The program was launched by the country’s Department of Energy and Climate Change in October 2012, and has recently received approval from the European Union. The program aims to address the issue of energy efficiency throughout the country through the issuance of loans to properties taking energy…

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European companies ally to tackle the challenge of sustainability

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

Nowhere in the world is alternative energy a bigger subject than it is in Europe. The majority of countries in the region have been working to adopt alternative energy for several years now. Only recently, however, has the European Union been throwing its support behind the effort. While the EU has made significant progress in promoting clean fuel and sustainability, many European countries are saying that it is too little too late. These companies have now banded together to tackle the challenge themselves. The new coalition has been formed by…

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