G20 countries take a step toward renewable energy and sustainability

Renewable energy may win out with agreement to cut fossil-fuel subsidies In early September, G20 leaders met in Russia for the 2013 Leaders’ Summit. During the event, heads of state from around the world come together to discuss global issues, such as the dismantling of nuclear weaponry and other subjects that could have global implications. Typically, political leaders are divided on the issues that are discussed at the gathering and little progress toward resolving global problems is made. This year, however, all G20 leaders have agreed to begin phasing out…

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Renewable energy investments rising in some countries, declining in others

Green Technology Investments

Renewable energy continues to receive strong governmental support, but lacking among investors Renewable energy investments have been steadily declining over the past year in several countries. This is despite the support that a growing number of governments showing more support for renewable energy for the sake of economic and environmental stability. While declining renewable energy investments have been reported in some countries, investments in others have been skyrocketing. The Pew Charitable Trusts has released the latest edition of its annual “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race” report, highlighting the investments…

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