Oklahoma is ending its wind energy tax credit

Wind Energy - Tax Credit Ending

State moves to put an end to tax credit that has supported wind energy for a decade Oklahoma will be putting an end to a tax credit that has helped support the growth of wind energy in the state. Currently, Oklahoma ranks third in the United States in terms of wind capacity and generation, largely due to the tax credit that has supported the sector for a decade. Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation this week that will roll back the tax credit gradually through 2027. The short-term impact of this…

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A rash of quakes in Oklahoma is blamed on fracking wastewater wells

Forty earthquakes shook the state in one week in late July. Within a one week period in Oklahoma, an astonishing number of earthquakes rocked the state, and the governor of Oklahoma, Republican Governor Mary Fallin, links the 40 quakes that recently occurred in late July to the procedures used for fracking and non-fracking wastewater disposal wells. Five of the 40 quakes had a magnitude of 4.0 or higher. According to state seismologist Austin Holland, only seven months of the year have passed and Oklahoma has nearly tied the number of…

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