Heating Your Home: How a Government Scheme Could Prevent the Winter Chills

A recent report has revealed that the average annual energy bill of joint gas and electric charges is set to rise to around £1,560 – double the amount it was 9 years ago. With the price of living costs increasing, households worry about how they’ll make ends meet every month. It’s especially difficult for elderly and vulnerable people, who are more susceptible to illness, sometimes even scrimping on food in order to fund their heating bills. It is no wonder Ed Miliband’s declaration to freeze energy prices for two years…

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Green Deal preparing to launch in the UK

Hydrogen Fuel - Working together

Government prepares for the arrival of the Green Deal in October The United Kingdom’s Green Deal is scheduled to launch in October of this year. The UK government has been laboring to prepare the country for the coming of the Green Deal, which is expected to have a significant impact on the economy. The Green Deal aims to promote energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable power through the issuance of loans that would help in these two fields. The government expects that the initiative will create more security in…

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UK looks to team with U.S. for ambitious home improvement project

Biofuel research

As the United Kingdom continues its slow but steady pursuit of alternative energy, the government is beginning to see the need to look for foreign partners if it wants to make progress on its sustainability goals. The current available of alternative in the UK is admirable, but not enough to match the demand for new energy systems and the country’s persistence on achieving its goals. As such, the UK is now looking to the U.S. to help with an ambitious project that was launched last year. The Energy Act of…

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