China leads the world in wind energy installations

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Report shows that China has established a lead in wind energy installations China continues to lead the world in terms of installed wind energy capacity, according to a new report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). The report predicts that Asia would lead growth in the wind power sector, largely due to the growing number of countries that are investing heavily in clean energy. China, in particular, has become a prominent supporter of wind power, establishing a powerful position in the wind market. China installed more than 54 GW…

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US is leading the world in wind energy production

Data shows that the United States has established a strong lead in the wind market The United States is leading the world in terms of wind energy production, according to a new report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Energy Information Administration. The country has been showing strong support for various types of clean power, but wind seems to have caught the government’s attention the most. Wind capacity has been growing quickly over the past few years and the renewal of the country’s Production Tax Credit is…

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Global Wind Energy Council releases forecast of the worldwide wind energy market

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

Five-year forecast report highlights growth in Asia, Latin America, and African markets. The Global Wind Energy Council has released a five-year industry forecast concerning wind energy and its projected progress throughout the world. The report details various factors that contribute to worldwide market growth and the possible capacity for the wind energy industry. The report suggests that the world’s total global wind energy capacity will reach roughly 500 gigawatts of electricity by the end of 2016.This growth is partly due to the increasing popularity of alternative energy with the world’s…

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