Loan will help Plug Power deliver more of its hydrogen fuel cells

Plug Power - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Green Bank provides Plug Power with $25 million loan The New York Green Bank has announced that it will be lending $25 million to Plug Power in order to help the company expand the use of its hydrogen fuel cells in the materials handling space. Several large companies, such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot, have begun to use fuel cells to power their forklift trucks operating at their distribution centers. These energy systems have gained popularity because of their highly efficient nature and their ability to generate electrical power without…

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Plug Power opens new facility to help aid the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells

New facility may be a major benefit for those using hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and other hydrogen-based solutions, has launched a new service center in Dayton, Ohio. The new service station is expected to bring several new jobs to the Dayton-metro area. It will also be responsible for bringing innovation to the area as well, especially where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. The service station will also be a boon to Plug Power’s customers in Ohio, among whom Walmart,…

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Home Depot’s new distribution center will rely on hydrogen fuel cells

Home Depot to make use of fuel cells developed by Plug Power Home Depot has opened a new distribution warehouse in Ohio and the facility will make use of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The fuel cells will be provided by Plug Power, a leading developer of the technology. Home Depot has been using fuel cells to power its materials handling vehicles for some time, finding that these energy systems are more reliable and efficient than the lead-acid batteries that have powered these vehicles in the past. Fuel cells are ideal…

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