Honda opens new charging station for electric vehicles in Europe

Electric Vehicles - EV Charging Stations

New charging station will support electric vehicles in Germany Japanese automaker Honda has opened Europe’s most advanced charging station for electric vehicles. The company has built the new charging station in the parking lot of its European Research and Development Center, which is in Germany. The charging station is equipped with advanced technology and is capable of charging four electric vehicles at the same time. The station is only one step in Honda’s overarching effort to provide better support with clean vehicles and the company plans to integrate hydrogen fuel…

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Honda and Hitachi will work together to support electric vehicles

Elecric Vehicles - Partnership

Honda teams with Hitachi to launch a new joint venture this year Japanese automaker Honda will be working with Hitachi’s auto parts subsidiary in order to launch a new joint venture. The venture will be responsible for developing small motors for new electric vehicles. Honda and Hitachi believe that the new venture will be able to establish a strong foothold in the increasingly competitive clean transportation sector. The endeavor represents yet another step in Honda’s ongoing efforts to produce high quality electric vehicles that appeal to consumers and businesses alike.…

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Honda unveils 2014 Accord hybrid

2014 Accord Plug-in Hybrid

Honda reveals details concerning new 2014 Accord Late last week, Honda revealed its new 2014 Accord Plug-in Hybrid. The vehicle is equipped with an electric engine that is capable of running on conventional fuels as well as electricity, as can be expected in a hybrid vehicle. Honda has been making waves recently for its development of hydrogen-powered vehicles and the role it is playing in their promotion, but the company has not abandoned its interest in other models. Though hydrogen transportation may be the future of the auto industry, the…

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