Clean energy from hydropower may come at a cost to the environment

In the tropics, generating hydroelectric power may be causing more harm to the environment than good. According to a study from Texas A&M University, which was recently published in the journal Science, building dams to harness hydropower in tropical rainforests may have a significant negative impact on biodiversity, as well as the tropical rainforest ecosystems that provide people with water and clean air. Instead of helping to combat climate change, this renewable energy source could actually be weakening the rainforest, not helping it. Over 450 dams exist in the Congo,…

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Five New Green Travel Innovations

Green energy is currently one of the world’s fastest growing industries… and according to the International Energy Agency, it will soon replace natural gas as the second leading power source by the year 2016. Renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power, make up the most rapidly developing sectors of the electricity generation industry. In fact, it’s been estimated that its prevalence will jump by a staggering 40 percent in the five years to come. In the United States alone, green energy was used to generate 12 percent of the country’s electricity,…

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Chile looks to increase development of solar energy

Chile solar energy

Solar energy growth in Chile. Chile is on track to becoming the first Latin American nation to attain the status of a developed country. The country has been working to establish itself as an economic force and improve its business and political infrastructure for more than a decade. As of 2010, Chile’s GDP was more than $15m000 per capita – significantly higher than its neighbors. The country’s economy is estimated to have grown by 6.5% in 2011, a trend that is expected to continue. Chile may be on track toward…

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