New 3D technology could benefit industrial hydrogen production

Industrial hydrogen production research - Science Lab

Researchers invent 3D self-assembled steam electrode that can be scalable for hydrogen production. Idaho National Laboratory researchers are one step closer to being able to produce industrial hydrogen with greater efficiency. This has been made possible due to their invention of a 3D self-assembled steam electrode. The researchers demonstrated high-performance electrochemical production at low temperatures. In the paper published by the journal Advanced Science, the researchers revealed advances in the production of industrial hydrogen. This is used in petrochemical manufacturing and oil refining, as well as an environmentally-friendly green fuel…

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Researchers develop innovative direct carbon fuel cell

Fuel Cell Research - Microscope

New fuel cell system can produce electricity using coal, biomass, and organic waste Scientists from the Idaho National Laboratory have developed a new fuel cell that is capable of generating electricity through the consumption of solid carbon sources, such as coal and biomass. The research team notes that the direct carbon fuel cell, as it is called, is capable of operating at low temperatures. It is also capable of reaching higher power density than its predecessors. Researchers believe that the fuel cell could lead to better carbon capture solutions in…

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U.S. Navy advocates algae biofuels for the future of the U.S. economy and security

Biofuels from algae

The U.S. Navy is continuing with its plans to pursue alternatives to oil and the stalling of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has given the military an opportunity to push for new forms of energy. The Navy, which has been advocating hydrogen fuel recently, has now turned its sights to biofuel produced from algae. The Navy has been working on a biofuel initiative with NATO for some years now, and believes that it can be a viable successor to oil. Algae biofuel producer OriginOil has announced a multinational…

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