Bladeless wind turbine could be a boon for birds

Wind Energy - Safe for Wildlife

Wind turbines causing havoc for migratory birds Wind energy is becoming more popular. Like other forms of alternative energy, however, it is not without controversy. Wind turbines generate electricity by capturing wind currents. These energy systems have been subjected to a variety of accusations relating to their environmental friendliness and efficiency. One of the greatest, and well proven, concerns regarding wind turbines is the danger their present to migratory birds. The blades of a wind turbine, when spinning, present a significant threat to these birds and can interrupt migrations by…

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Massive hybrid energy project sparks controversy in California

California hybrid energy project

California’s Antelope Valley may soon be home to the largest hybrid energy system in the country. The Wildflower Renewable Energy Farm Project, coming from Element Power, an alternative energy company based in the U.S., is currently in negations to set up a new energy system in the valley. The system will combine solar and wind power to produce more than 250 megawatts of electricity. The project will take up some 840 acres of land, however it may have an impact on wildlife, which has piqued concerning of legislators and advocacy…

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