Japan again turns to geothermal energy to replace nuclear power

Kusatsu Onsen Japan Georthermal Energy

Geothermal energy could solve some of the country’s energy problems Geothermal energy has long been a promising prospect in Japan. The country’s proximity to the geological region known as the Ring of Fire makes it home to vast potential in regards to geothermal energy systems. In the wake of the Fukushima disaster of 2011, the country has been working to phase out its use of nuclear energy. Nuclear power once accounted for the majority of the country’s energy, which the Japanese government is now keen to replace with other forms…

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Japan continues work to adopt hydrogen fuel

Japan Hydrogen Fuel

*Image from Widipedia Fukushima disaster sparks new interest in hydrogen fuel Japan has ambitious plans in term of energy. The country is still recovering from last year’s Fukushima disaster, in which a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami that wrought havoc in the Northern provinces and sparked a nuclear disaster. In the wake of the disaster, the Japanese government determined that the country would no longer rely on nuclear energy because of the danger that it presented. The nation recently shut down the last of its nuclear power plants and has…

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Japanese citizens protest the return to nuclear energy

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda

Following the devastating earthquake that shook the nation earlier this year, Japanese citizens have been wary of nuclear energy. The quake sent a number of nuclear reactors in Northern Japan into critical meltdown. The compromised reactors spewed radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean and inundated much of the mainland in fallout. While the radioactivity was not enough to cause serious problems in metropolitan Tokyo, the Japanese public has been leery of nuclear energy ever since the disaster. This week, the Japanese government announced plans to reopen nuclear facilities in the…

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