New partnership could accelerate advances in hydrogen fuel production

HyperSolar teams with University of Iowa to further research and development initiatives HyperSolar, a developer of hydrogen production systems, has announced that it has entered into a one-year partnership with the University of Iowa. Through this partnership, HyperSolar hopes to accelerate its research and development initiatives in order to attain its goal of producing commercial volumes of hydrogen fuel. The company uses hybrid technology in order to produce hydrogen, leveraging solar energy to power the electrolysis process and break water down into its component parts. University has a long history…

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University of Iowa Student wins Sims Award for work with hydrogen

University of Iowa - Hydrogen Fuel

University of Iowa Master’s student Jessica Reed was awarded the L.B. Sims Outstanding Thesis award for her work with hydrogen gas storage. In her work, Ms. Reed introduced magnetic particles to the surface of a rare metal called palladium, greatly increasing the rate through which the hydrogen enters and leaves the metal. This breakthrough could have significant implications in both fuel storage and portable power supplies that use hydrogen gas. Hydrogen challenges Hydrogen gas is useful in both electrochemical power and combustion power supplies, but can be hard to store…

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