Microsoft begins testing new fuel cells

Microsoft Building - Fuel cells

Company is now testing natural gas fuel cells for future use Microsoft has begun showing more interest in fuel cells. The company has commenced testing on natural gas fuel cells that may eventually be used to provide electricity to its data centers. Microsoft has several data centers throughout the country, which consume a total of 2% of all electricity generated in the United States. By embracing fuel cells, the company may be able to reduce its strain on the energy grid and become more environmentally friendly. Seattle facility will be…

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Microsoft begins research project aimed at hydrogen fuel cells

New research initiative from Microsoft seeks to better understand the viability of fuel cells Microsoft has launched a new research project aimed at exploring the use of fuel cells in date centers. These fuel cells would power the data centers, making them less of an energy burden on power grids and also making them more environmentally friendly. Microsoft believes that fuel cell technology will change the way data centers are powered, especially as the energy structure of much of the world begins to change. Microsoft and partners receive $5 million…

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Microsoft shows interest in fuel cells

Fuel cells could power Microsoft data centers Microsoft has been an advocate for renewable energy for some time. The company has investing in clean power projects around the world, but it is beginning to take a more domestic approach in its advocacy. The technology company is expected to make use of fuel cells to power its data centers in the near future. Currently, Microsoft’s data centers are powered by electricity that is produced off-site and the company is looking for a more efficient solution for the future. Company sets sights…

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