Renewable energy may grow despite political opposition

Renewable Energy Likely to Grow

Analysts predict that renewable energy will help the US accomplish its environmental goals Renewable energy in the United States is growing so quickly that the country may be able to achieve the goals established through the Paris Agreement even if it no longer supports the agreement. Analysts from Morgan Stanley predict that both wind and solar power are rapidly reaching a point where politics may no longer be able to hinder their growth. These two forms of renewable energy have become quite popular throughout the United States and the country…

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Bloom Energy to install new hydrogen fuel cell system for Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley will receive a new fuel cell system for its New York headquarters Bloom Energy, a developer of hydrogen fuel cell systems, has agreed to install a new fuel cell system at the headquarters of Morgan Stanley in New York. The deal with the financial services corporation represents the first time Bloom Energy will have installed a fuel cell system in a high-rise office tower. This is not the first time Morgan Stanley has used hydrogen fuel cells, however, as the company also purchased a system from Bloom Energy…

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