Linde continues work to develop hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure - The Linde Group

Linde opens a new hydrogen station to the public Linde, a leading producer of chemical gases, has opened a new public hydrogen fuel station in Germany. The station has found a home near Munich, where it will serve drivers of fuel cell vehicles. The latest project from Linde serves as yet another step toward developing a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Germany. The country is expected to become a very popular market for fuel cell vehicles, especially as more hydrogen stations begin opening up to the public. Company continues to…

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New car-share company aims to expose consumers to hydrogen fuel cells

BeeZero to open in Germany, offering access to fuel cell vehicles The very first car-sharing company offering access to fuel cell vehicles is about to open in Germany. Currently, very few people have fuel vehicles of their own, despite their interest in clean transportation. Automakers have been working to promote the adoption of these vehicles, but they are simply too expensive for many consumers. As such, car-sharing company BeeZero will fill the demand for clean vehicles by allowing consumers to drive cars equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. 50 ix35 vehicles…

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Scientists seek out new sources of geothermal energy

Researchers are looking for new ways to make use of geothermal energy that could benefit cities Cities may become new sources of geothermal energy in the future. Scientists from Germany and Switzerland have developed a way to measure the groundwater temperature that may lurk beneath the surface of many large cities. Urban environments typically have higher temperatures than what can be found in rural areas. This has to do with how structures trap heat, as well as other factors, and could hint at the potential for cities to be valuable…

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