Two renewable energy bills have been shot down in Nevada

Renewable Energy - Nevada Flag

Governor vetoes two renewable energy bills The future of renewable energy in Nevada had begun to look somewhat brighter in recent months due to the introduction of three new bills. These bills would help the state shift toward a more open and competitive energy market, but two of these three bills have now been shot down. Late last week, Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed two of the three bills, claiming that there is significant uncertainty regarding Nevada’s renewable energy shift. Bills would have aided the expansion of renewable energy in the…

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First of four electric car charging stations opens on U.S. 95

The first in a series of EV charging stations planned for U.S. 95 is up and running. One of four electric car charging stations has opened along the portion of the U.S. 95 highway that runs from Las Vegas to Reno. The 450-mile stretch of road (an approximate 7 hour car ride), that links Southern Nevada with Northern Nevada’s largest city, now has its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station ready to serve in Beatty. Plans for the “electric highway” were announced last summer. Governor Brian Sandoval announced plans for…

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