Deepwater Wind announces new offshore wind energy project in Maryland

Developer to bring a new offshore wind energy system to Maryland Deepwater Wind, developer of the first offshore wind energy system in the United States, has announced that it plans to build another wind farm off the coast of Maryland. The company‚Äôs Block Island Wind Farm is expected to begin producing electrical power and feeding it into the energy grid within the next few days. Deepwater Wind expects that the wind farm will show off the potential of offshore wind energy and intends to get a head start on developing…

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Offshore wind energy may benefit sea life

Offshore Wind Energy System

Offshore wind energy may not be as damaging to the ocean as believed Offshore wind energy is becoming more popular, especially in countries that have access to large swaths of ocean, but this form of wind power is not without its opponents. Advocates of offshore wind energy systems often cite the economic advantages of such endeavors, but some environmentalists have shown concern for the damage these systems may cause to ocean-based ecosystems. Offshore wind turbines must be built in these ecosystems in order to exploit powerful wind streams that hold…

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Offshore wind energy in South Carolina could be economic powerhouse

Offshore wind energy

New study highlights the economic potential of offshore wind energy There are currently plans for a major offshore wind farm to take root off the coast of South Carolina. Like other projects of its kind taking root throughout the U.S., this offshore wind energy project has been associated with vast economic potential. It has also been the subject of criticism, with skeptics claiming that the project would be a waste of government funds that could be put to better use in other projects that are taking form in the state.…

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