Deepwater Wind announces new offshore wind energy project in Maryland

December 9, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

Developer to bring a new offshore wind energy system to Maryland

Deepwater Wind, developer of the first offshore wind energy system in the United States, has announced that it plans to build another wind farm off the coast of Maryland. The company’s Block Island Wind Farm is expected to begin producing electrical power and feeding it into the energy grid within the next few days. Deepwater Wind expects that the wind farm will show off the potential of offshore wind energy and intends to get a head start on developing new offshore projects.

New project will be larger than Deepwater Wind’s other wind farms

The Block Island Wind Farm is the United States’ first offshore wind energy system. Completion of the project was finished earlier this year, and the wind farm has an energy capacity of 30 megawatts. While the Block Island Wind Farm is one of the largest offshore wind projects to be developed in recent years, it is only the first of several that has reached completion in the U.S. Deepwater Wind’s new offshore project off the coast of Maryland will be much larger than the Block Island Wind Farm, boasting of an expected capacity of 120 megawatts.

Skipjack Wind Farm may begin energy production in 2022

Offshore Wind Energy - Turbines near waterCalled the Skipjack Wind Farm, the new offshore wind energy system could become the largest clean power project in Maryland’s history. Notably, Deepwater Wind intends to build the wind farm in a single construction season, hoping to ensure that energy production begins as soon as possible. The Skipjack Wind Farm could bring more than $100 million in economic benefits to Maryland and Deepwater Wind expects that the offshore wind energy system will begin operation at some point in 2022.

Wind sector continues to benefit from government support

The Skipjack Wind Farm is the third offshore wind energy system that Deepwater Wind is developing in the U.S. Offshore wind has begun to attract a great deal of support due to the energy potential it represents. The federal government has been investing heavily in in the wind sector in general through the Production Tax Credit, which has secured financial support for wind power projects throughout the country.

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