Researchers develop “climate-immune” electric car battery

electric car battery - charging EV battery

New fast-charging EV (electric vehicle) battery can self-heat. Penn State engineers have developed an electric car battery that can stand up to cold weather. The newly designed battery is capable of self-heating, which allows it to rapidly charge in spite of frigid outdoor temperatures. EV batteries are negatively impacted by the cold. As is the case with most other batteries, the performance of an electric car battery suffers when it is subjected to cold temperatures. In fact, the Department of Energy (DOE) reported that extreme weather (either very hot or…

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Researchers struggle with new ways to produce hydrogen fuel cell

Researchers at Penn. State University may have found a more efficient way to producing hydrogen by mimicking plants. Using biomimicry, Thomas Mallouk, of Penn State’s department of chemistry, is trying to replicate photosynthesis as a means to generate hydrogen. Mallouk calls the process the “hardest way” to make fuel and has struggled with getting an efficiency rating above 0.3% with this method in the past. During his recent meeting with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Mallouk announced that using a new model for photosynthesis, he would be…

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