Plug-Ins Are Out While Hydrogen Is In

The battle has begun. On the one side, we have the proponents of the electric car–supported by legions of happy hybrid owners, shouting the praise of their family Fusions and Prius commuters. On the other, we have the supporters of Hydrogen-powered cars–a newcomer to the mainstream automotive world that has received financial encouragement from numerous state governments and the administration of former President, George W. Bush. Only time will tell which side, if any, will be victorious–but the hydrogen fuel camp is about to take a giant leap forward.  From…

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7 Smart Reasons to Drive Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Clean transportation incentive

If you aren’t convinced about the benefits of green cars, then consider the following: cars and trucks in the United States account for one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per day, reports. Americans alone consume about 400 million gallons of gasoline each year, which doesn’t exactly help the problem. However, cars today are about 20 times more efficient than they were 20 years ago, in addition to the numerous hybrid and electric vehicles that are on the market. Yes, going green in today’s day and age isn’t only…

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Nissan sets goal to sell more than 1.5 million hydrogen-powered cars by the end of 2016

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

Japanese automaker Nissan has been making waves in the hydrogen fuel industry lately. Earlier this month, the company unveiled a next-generation fuel cell that is twice as powerful as conventional models while being less expensive. While the company’s previous ventures in alternative energy have revolved around plug-in vehicles, Nissan has recently adopted hydrogen as its focus. The company has high expectations for the fuel, declaring that it will sell more than 1.5 million hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2016. The ambitious claim may sound like bravado, but Nissan’s hydrogen-powered vehicles seem to…

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