North Wales company receives funding for its MDF recycling technology

Recycling Technology - Wooden Planks

MDF Recovery is developing the world’s first tech to recycle MDF waste. The company based in North Wales is the brainchild of Craig Bennet, a Cheshire businessman who is pioneering a recycling technology designed to recycle MDF (medium-density fiberboard) waste. The firm recently received an additional £165,000 in funding to continue with the development of the technology. MDF Recovery is nearing commercialization. The company has successfully concluded proof of concept trials to create a commercially viable process that enables wood fiber to be recovered from used or off-cuts of MDF.…

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Apple unveils new recycling technology for iPhones

Apple has revealed a new robotic system that can recover valuable materials from wasted iPhones. and recovering valuable materials, such as silver and tungsten, which can be recycled. The new recycling technology system is called Liam. The new recycling system can take apart one iPhone 6 every 11 seconds. According to a report from Reuters, Liam has been under development for almost three years. While Apple does intend to expand the system so it can handle different devices and recover more resources, currently the machine has been designed to specifically…

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Mexican company develops water-free plastic recycling technology

The plastic recycling system requires only half of the energy used by previous systems. Mexican startup, Ak Inovex, has developed a new recycling technology that enables plastics to be recycled without the use of water, with less energy compared to previous systems, and produces plastic pellets of the same or better quality. More than 90% of all types of plastics can be processed by the water-free method. In addition to processing 90% of any type of plastic, it can also process PET, ABS, Styrofoam, and polystyrene. Even more impressive, aside…

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