Renewable energy still faces serious challenges

Renewable Energy Growth

Renewable energy is growing throughout the world, but it still faces many serious challenges that can prevent projects from taking form. Some of these challenges involve the difficulty associated with successfully commercializing clean technology, while price distortions also present a significant hurdle. Other challenges have to do with public outlook on renewable energy, with people in some countries failing to see the public benefit of cleaner forms of power, both economically and environmentally. Overcoming these challenges is vital to the successful future of renewable energy as a whole. Commercialization of…

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Renewable energy shows strong growth around the world

Renewable Energy Investment

Solar and wind are the fastest growing forms of renewable energy The Worldwatch Institute, an environmental analysis organization, has released the latest results of its Vital Signs Online report. The report tracks the various environmental trends that emerge around the world and also offers insight into the field of renewable energy. This year, the report shows that solar and wind energy have seen strong growth throughout the world in 2012. Globally, the growth that solar and wind energy have seen over the past year has outpaced the growth of other forms of…

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Studies show global support for renewable energy

Alternative Energy Agreement

Consumers around the world are hungry for renewable energy A recent study from TNS Gallup, a leading market research firm, shows the growing appetite the average consumer has for renewable energy. The study, titled “Global Consumer Wind Energy Study,” suggests that the majority of consumers are eager to make use of renewable energy, with a significant number of those claiming they were willing to pay more for electricity as long as it came from a renewable source. The study notes that climate change is believed to be one of the…

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