Renewable energy still faces serious challenges

Renewable energy still faces serious challenges

April 5, 2017 0 By Tami Hood

Renewable energy is growing throughout the world, but it still faces many serious challenges that can prevent projects from taking form.

Some of these challenges involve the difficulty associated with successfully commercializing clean technology, while price distortions also present a significant hurdle. Other challenges have to do with public outlook on renewable energy, with people in some countries failing to see the public benefit of cleaner forms of power, both economically and environmentally. Overcoming these challenges is vital to the successful future of renewable energy as a whole.

Commercialization of clean technology has been an elusive goal for several years.

While renewable projects of all sizes rely on the availability of technology, many developers have mot managed to successfully commercialize their energy solutions. This is particularly common when it comes to hydrogen fuel cells. While these energy systems have become very popular in the transportation sector, fuel cell developers have not yet achieved commercial success, which has slowed the development of clean transportation and the adoption of fuel cell systems.

Another challenge facing renewable energy has to do with infrastructure.

Firstly, developers must find publicly acceptable sites with access to resources that are suitable for their projects. Once such sites are identified, they must obtain the appropriate permits and licenses to develop their projects. Installation presents its own difficulties, as developers must have access to the right tools and equipment in order to effectively build their renewable energy projects. This particular challenge is where companies that deal in specialized equipment, such as automatic hooks, can assist developers. , as an example, have been used in a wide range of industries and they have a major role to play in the development of projects.

One of the most problematic challenges that the renewable energy sector must deal with are barriers that exist in various markets. In many countries, people tend to have some understanding of the environmental benefits of renewable energy projects. The issue, however, is that they are not aware of the economic benefits of such initiatives. This is often due to a simple lack of information. Because people do not have access to sufficient information, they are unaware that renewable energy projects can have major, beneficial impacts on an economy. This leads the public to show limited support for such projects. There are also institutional barriers facing the renewable energy space, where governments show little interest in clean power.

While these challenges are significant, they are not insurmountable. Several energy developers and environmental organizations have, in many cases, successfully petitioned for more favorable energy policies. These policies have allowed developers to create larger projects in some countries and they have also helped expand access to knowledge among the general population. With the successful commercialization of clean technology becoming more inevitable, the renewable energy sector will likely see very promising growth in the coming years. Eventually, clean power will even replace fossil-fuels.