Renewable energy still faces serious challenges

Renewable Energy Growth

Renewable energy is growing throughout the world, but it still faces many serious challenges that can prevent projects from taking form. Some of these challenges involve the difficulty associated with successfully commercializing clean technology, while price distortions also present a significant hurdle. Other challenges have to do with public outlook on renewable energy, with people in some countries failing to see the public benefit of cleaner forms of power, both economically and environmentally. Overcoming these challenges is vital to the successful future of renewable energy as a whole. Commercialization of…

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Renewable energy subsidies could end by 2025 in the US

Government subsidies help power progress in renewable energy Renewable energy in the U.S., as in other parts of the world, is heavily reliant on subsidies provided by the federal government. These subsidies help power progress in the renewable energy sector and support myriad projects that would not exist without adequate financial assistance. While subsidies have helped with progress, the fact that they are often tied to the government has been something of an issue in recent years. Because government subsidies are subjected to a great deal of bureaucracy, the financial…

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Economics of renewable energy help US smart grid

=Support for renewable energy

Renewable energy continues to find support in the US The U.S. Department of Energy has been a strong advocate for new forms of energy for several years. The federal agency has been responsible for much of the progress the country has made in the renewable energy sector for some time, but has also served as a stumbling block for this progress through its support of very specific forms of renewable power and forgoing a focus on the country’s energy infrastructure. Though the Department of Energy has made efforts to modernize…

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