Russia seeks to develop 1.9 GW of wind energy capacity

Wind Energy Capacity - Wind Turbines Spinning

Russia holds auction to support the development of wind energy projects Russia is looking to build up its wind energy capacity by auctioning off projects. The latest auction is the largest that the country has ever held to expand its renewable energy resources and will occur in two phases. The first phase of the auction began on May 29. The next phase is set to begin on June 9 of this year. Russia’s NP Market Council expects that the results of the auction will be revealed at the end of…

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RUSTEC project aims to bring wind energy to Russia

Wind Energy - Wind Turbine

RUSTEC heavily inspired by Desertec project Russia may become home to an ambitious wind energy initiative if the International Finance Organization can finalize plans concerning such an endeavor. The organization is currently working on a project called RUSTEC, which is heavily inspired by a similar project that aims to turn the world’s deserts into solar energy farms. This project is called Desertec and has, for the past three years, been laboring to make deals with the countries of the world that have high levels of exposure to solar radiation. Unlike…

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