RUSTEC project aims to bring wind energy to Russia

RUSTEC project aims to bring wind energy to Russia

November 26, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Wind Energy Russia

RUSTEC heavily inspired by Desertec project

Russia may become home to an ambitious wind energy initiative if the International Finance Organization can finalize plans concerning such an endeavor. The organization is currently working on a project called RUSTEC, which is heavily inspired by a similar project that aims to turn the world’s deserts into solar energy farms. This project is called Desertec and has, for the past three years, been laboring to make deals with the countries of the world that have high levels of exposure to solar radiation. Unlike Desertec, however, the International Finance Organization believes there is more promise in wind energy.

RUSTEC project aims to exploit strong winds found in Russia

The RUSTEC project aims to develop several dozen wind farms throughout the arctic regions of the world. These regions are notorious for their strong winds, who credit their strength to the vast expanses of open land. This open land allows wind streams to pick up power because the flow of wind is entirely unmitigated. The RUSTEC project hopes to exploit the strength of these wind streams and organizers have set their sights on Russia as an ideal location for most of the project’s wind farms.

Arctic winds could be more valuable than offshore wind

The International Finance Organization notes that Russia’s wind energy potential vastly exceeds that of the offshore wind energy projects that are taking root in Western Europe. Thus, the wind farms that are part of the RUSTEC project are expected to produce affordable electricity, more so than offshore projects that can produce comparable amounts of electrical power. If the project can find the support that it needs from the Russian government, it could be a major economic boost for the country. Wind energy has received little favor from Russia, however, so the future of the project is currently uncertain.

Russia shows little interest in alternative energy

In general, Russia has shown only modest interest in alternative energy. The country is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and had relatively little reason to adopt other forms of power. Solar energy has seen some minor support over the years, but Russia remains committed to fossil-fuels. The economic prospects of alternative energy will have to be proven for the Russian government to consider alternative forms of power as viable.

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