GM seeks to find profit with electric vehicles in China

electric vehicls - Cars Charging

GM is looking to the Chinese market to make electric vehicles profitable General Motors is moving forward with its plans to make electric vehicles profitable. Last month, the automaker ensured shareholders that it would accomplish this goal by 2021. How the company planned to do this was unclear at the time. Now, however, GM seems to plan to divide its focus in order to meet its goal. Domestically, the company will continue developing conventional vehicles. Most of its focus with electric vehicles will be focused on China, however. Automakers are…

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Shanghai automotive to launch fuel cell vehicle by 2015

China Hydrogen Fuel Production

Chinese automaker Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) has announced their entry into the hydrogen energy industry. They have unveiled plans for the launch of a plug in fuel cell vehicle that will be available in 2015. Shanghai Automotive is the latest to join the swelling ranks of car manufacturers releasing hydrogen powered vehicles at that time. The company is responding to a growing demand in China for a transition to alternative fuel. China is one of the nation’s leading the push toward renewable energy. Hydrogen is among one of the favored alternatives,…

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