New geothermal energy system could take form in Scotland

Geothermal Energy - Thermal Sprinig in Park

Plans to develop a new geothermal system are advancing in Scotland Plans to develop a new geothermal energy project in Glasgow, Scotland, may become reality next month. The United Kingdom Geoenergy Observatories Project is looking to build Glasgow’s Geothermal Energy Research Field. The new system would help gather information on the viability of geothermal power. This form of energy has begun to gain more attention in the United Kingdom in recent years. This is largely due to the country’s overarching interest in clean energy. Scotland may become a leader in…

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Scottish Government provides funding for geothermal energy projects

Well over £230,000 in funds has been granted to five geothermal exploration projects throughout Scotland. The government’s investment totals to £234,025, nearly a quarter of a million pounds in funds, which has been awarded to five exploration projects at sites including Fife, North Lanarkshire, West Lothian, and Aberdeenshire, and these projects will investigate the technical feasibility, environmental sustainability, and economic viability of using geothermal energy (thermal energy in the ground) to heat businesses and homes. This is the first real support for geothermal projects in Scotland. A 2012-2013 study conducted…

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Scotland seeks to further its geothermal energy potential

A fund to support geothermal research in Scotland has been launched. Scotland’s energy minister, Fergus Ewing, recently launched a Challenge Fund to support research designed to explore the country’s geothermal energy capacity, as part of an effort to meet the energy requirements of local communities, reported Click Green. The goal is to lower carbon emissions through commercially viable and sustainable means. One of the chief purposes of the Challenge Fund is to encourage organizations to come together to benefit local communities by helping them reduce their carbon footprint and achieving…

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